Quality culture

Quality is a key factor for reliable results

Our quality culture consists of having complete control over all of the company's activities and processes, while guaranteeing their efficiency.

Primarily influenced by the automotive standard, our quality plan during the process of producing any new product usually includes the following key elements:

  • Analysis of potential risks (FMEA)
  • Creation of the operating procedure
  • Inspection plan
  • Partnership with suppliers
  • Study of process capabilities (Cmk, Cpk)
  • Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
  • Monitoring production using SPC control charts
  • Preventive equipment maintenance
  • Final product check performed by a qualified staff member
  • PLCs working on the measuring principle using cameras or a probe; in some cases, the rate of the results can be as low as 0 ppm (zero faults per million parts)
  • The 8D ("Eight Disciplines") method for handling non-conformities

The full quality plan and all the associated tests are collated to create a validation file. These documents are mandatory in the automotive and medical industries (PPAP) and must be validated by the customer before starting any series production.

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